So I would say you all know me well enough by now to know I’m a bit of a crazy person when it comes to preparedness and organization. Like, these things are central to being in a positive state of mental health for me LOL. I can’t help it. I like to be prepared and find things in life that can make it easier and more organized. Here is a quick little list I threw together of a few items that I’ve found really handy as a busy mom on the go. I don’t usually leave home without them!


A woman on the go is a woman that needs to be ORGANIZED. Whether it’s in your phone or a written book, get everything out of that mom brain and into a day planner. This is an absolute must have for me in order to keep everything straight. I love this Ashley Mary Celestial Planner from Anthropologie! For me it is absolutely crucial to have somewhere to jot down things that come to me while I’m on the go. Sometimes it might quickly be in a note or reminder on my phone, but generally I try to keep it all in one spot!



Best. Invention. Ever. These handy little tiles are perfect to attach to a phone or set of keys, or slip into a purse or wallet. You can download the Tile app, and it will tell you where and when you last had something! I feel like this was literally made for moms. You could even slip one in your kid’s backpack for when they tell you they don’t know where it is and you don’t have to go hunting down the school bus only to find it at school, hanging on their hook. My favourite are these Tiles from Amazon!



Inside my bag is always a smaller cosmetic pouch or wristlet that contains all sorts of smaller stuff that I can easily move from bag to bag. AirPods, Chapstick, tampons, a nail file - all those handy little items that I like to have with me but don’t ever feel like transferring from bag to bag. It’s all in one handy little spot for me to move if I’m just bringing my diaper bag somewhere, or changing up my handbag/tote. I love this 2L Pouch from LuluLemon - mostly because it won’t take up a ton of space and can hold so much!


Bag Organizer

Speaking of keeping your bag organized, I just got one of these for inside my everyday tote and it has been a game changer. Before, everything would somehow usually end up floating along the bottom despite my best efforts to keep it organized. This fits exactly inside my bag, helps it keep its shape but since it’s felt, it won’t deform the bag, and now there’s a spot for everything! This one from Amazon is a super amazing price and comes in 4 colours, and 2 different sizes!


Water Bottle

Even when we’re on the go, gotta get that H2O in! I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me, and what’s most important to me is that the darn thing doesn’t spill in my bag. I love this Thermalock water bottle from Contigo, because it’s vacuum-insulated so not only does it keep the water nice and cold for a long time, but the lid is leak-proof and it doesn’t end up soaking everything in my bag.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 9.48.58 PM.png

The Essentials

I feel like every mom on earth probably has a good stash of these in multiple places - in the car, in the house, in her bag - these are known as the “essentials” and when it comes to being on the go with two toddlers, for me, these are non-negotiable LOL. The essentials include - Kleenex, wet wipes, and a Tide-to-Go stick. Lucky for us, companies have made it easy for us to take these everywhere because they all come in handy to-go sizes.