Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you guys but I breathed a BIG sigh of relief when I woke up to the news that the strike was averted this morning. (For anyone not local to me- there was an impending strike set to happen starting today and long story short, schools would have been closed). I haven’t been able to find out how it all turned out but (selfishly) I was praying that a deal was reached so that I could send Jase to school as per usual. The poor kid gets a badddd case of the Mondays since he started school last month, and gets pretty upset come Sunday night/Monday morning with going back to school after being home for a couple of days looming over him (I mean, don’t we all?). So needless to say I was racking my brain about how I was going to go about explaining to him why he got to stay at home for however long the strike would have lasted, and then get through how much he would struggle after being home for a potentially longer than normal period of time and then having to eventually return to school. So we were SUPER glad to hear a tentative deal was reached.

I’ve mentioned before, mostly on Instagram stories, that Jase has had a pretty difficult time adjusting to school. The second week of September, it got REALLY tough. He was very upset following any stretch of time being at home or being with us on the weekends; he’d be begging us not to go through crocodile tears, and would cry and cry that he only wanted to go to the “other school” (he knows quite a few more kids from outside of school, family friends etc that go to the public school in town- he goes to the Catholic school) but overall we know it truly just boils down to being a little homesick. Thankfully, he has really started to form his little group of friends, which I know will probably help make all the difference for him, and at the end of the day, it really is just such a big adjustment for our Kindergarteners! I truly do sympathize with him, as he was home with me for the last four years (cue mom guilt) minus some time at preschool which was a couple of half days through the week in the year leading up to FDK. We tried our absolute best to socialize him before school, and it really helped him come out of his originally very shy shell- but I can still hardly blame him for struggling at times. Most days, especially towards later in the week, are great. He’s happy, and really seems to be thriving. Just after those weekends have been tough on him having to go back. We can all relate to him there. It also seems to be getting a little better over time, and hopefully it just continues getting better for him because it has been EXTREMELY difficult for both Kev and I to watch him struggle.

So this brings me to my next little update. I mentioned on IG last week that we had switched where Jase was playing hockey- really last minute, as well. He was supposed to start his first day on Saturday in a neighbouring town, and the reasons why we had registered him there instead of the town we live in were admittedly fairly selfish - we live in between the two towns (as we live in the country) so the distance really didn’t make a ton of difference. Our thought process was kind of focussed on my parents (who live in said neighbouring town) being able to help us out to get him there every Saturday and Sunday morning, in particular during the harvest months. Normally hockey starts in September and continues through March, and 2-3 of those months are usually pedal to the metal when it comes to fieldwork. Those months not only add to the workload around here, but also leave me down a teammate because Kev is busy and working longer hours in order to get crops off. So those months where I sort of temporarily become a single parent, I was worried it was going to become too much and that I’d just need some help (side note- people who are actual single parents, like how the fuckkkk do you do it?? After a couple of months I’m ready to pull my hair out). Anyway, we really didn't see it as being a big deal where we registered Jase, as it was his first year and we kind of just expected him to make friends wherever he went so we picked the place that seemed like it would be more convenient for us as a household. Well, when he started school and it became apparent that he was struggling to adjust, we came to the conclusion that it would be best if he played in his hometown, where his school is, because there would hopefully be kids from his school or class on the ice as well - and that maybe some familiarity would carry over to school and make all areas easier on him. It truly didn’t feel like such a big decision until he started struggling with adjusting to school and all the sudden, familiarity became the most important thing to us (and to him) and we said we would just make it work, no matter what. Technically, it ended up being for the better anyways because down the road, if he wants to continue to play hockey and wants to try out for a rep team, they would have made him switch to play in our town regardless, because OMHA boundaries go by where your house is in comparison to the closest post office to you in a town with a hockey team. So he’s now playing in the ‘technically correct’ association as well. I truly just can’t tell you how happy I am that we made that decision, because over the weekend he was SO EXCITED. He was so happy, he knew people there, he had friends on the ice. It just fit. I have been questioning every single decision I’ve made when it comes to helping him in the last little while, and I was just so relieved to feel like we had made a good decision for him and that he has already gotten so much joy out of it. I hope that keeps up!

We’re also wading into new territory with Bree because (dun, dun dun….) we’ve started potty training her. My god potty training is no f-ing joke… fellow parents, am I right?! Even when you’ve done it before- it hardly matters. Totally different kid, different gender, different age (Jase we trained when he was 3, Bree is 2) - it feels like we’re starting from square one again. Plus, ya know, we can’t refer her to ‘Exhibit- Big Brother’ because, well, the plumbing and technique is obviously different (although what’s not hilarious about a little girl trying to stand up and pee like her brother cause that’s all she’s seen??? LOL). I mean, some say it’s easier with girls so fingers crossed that’s the case for us, but it’s definitely different. Bree also marches to the beat of her own drum, and when she doesn’t want to do something, she stands her ground. Our first step has just been getting her to sit on the potty because she was so scared of falling in! LOL. We had tried at the beginning of the summer to potty train her, but she would get upset sitting on the toilet so we stopped because we didn’t want to push it and traumatize her. Our summer was crazy busy so it would have been hard to stay consistent, and she was also still pretty young (hadn’t even turned 2 yet) so we thought- let’s wait until fall/winter and try again when we’re inside more and can spend a few days close to the potty. Anyway, there are many many Smarties bribes happening in our house right now. We just took away the diaper/pull up during the day and put her in underwear, because (it was the exact same with Jase) they just pee/poo in it because they think the pull up is a diaper. It sucks but I almost think they need to feel that uncomfortable wet feeling of being in underwear just to start to understand that she has to start going to the potty to avoid that discomfort. Anyway, I’m no expert on it but we’re giving it a go, inevitably set to clean up 108292374923 accidents, and celebrate every single little victory. I always feel a little guilty because all they’ve ever known is going in their diaper, whenever and wherever they want (for example, ALWAYS in the grocery store when you have a cart full of groceries and the diaper bag is in the car- you think I’d learn) and then you decide one day that they have to do it a totally different way. So needless to say it takes a ton of patience, and support. A ton of praise for toddler, and a good stiff whiskey at the end of the day for mama usually does the trick!

Other than that, harvest has started just this week so like I mentioned earlier, it’s about to get prettttty busy around here. I have a feeling that I might be going to Thanksgiving festivities this weekend by myself with the kids, some combining has started so it could be prime wheat planting time for Kev. I have a couple dates coming up that I’m doing bridal party/wedding guest makeup, lots going on at school for Jase, and Bree is also starting CanSkate next week (Jase is going to do it too to practice his skating) so the calendar is definitely still full! But I have to say - it’s all good busy, and I’m soaking it in as much as I can as we go. Anyway. I think I’ve probably rambled on enough, this is turning into a friggen novel. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend with your families this weekend!

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