Hey guys! Sunday night, here we are. Another weekend has come and gone. Why oh why do weekends have to go by SO fast!? I have to say that weekends are definitely the hardest part about weight loss for me (I mean, minus summer time which has historically been when I decide to pack a bunch of weight back on?!!?! LOL). Social events, cozy nights in - there’s just something about the weekend that makes me wanna veg out and have some fun. So staying on track over the weekend is difficult. I’m happy to say that I was really good yesterday (minus a couple of beers at night- whatevs, didn’t lose sleep over it). Ate healthy, had a good workout in the morning, and drank lots of water so Saturday was a good day.

Sundays are a different story though. I’ve talked before about how I give myself some time to cheat on the weekend (because, ya know, I’m not about hating this entire experience) and today was definitely that day. I try as best as I can to play those little cheat meals or cheat days around social events, and today we were scheduled for a family lunch at the Mandarin (if you don’t know what this is, it’s like tables on tables of buffet food AKA a dieter’s worst (best?) nightmare come to life. So today was undoubtedly going to be the cheat day. I satisfy any sweet or salty cravings I have (did both today LOL) and inevitably by Sunday night, I feel like absolute garbage and literally cannot wait to wake up the next morning, have my shake and get back to the grind.

I know that there are probably a lot of people and professionals that would tell me I’d be better off to just have some smaller indulgences throughout the week instead of being really good and then having a bit of a binge - and they’d probably be right. But whenever I’ve lost weight, this is how I’ve done it and it works for me. I never find that it ruins previous progress and it gets rid of any deprived feelings I might have had. Sunday nights can be a little hard (this is my current state) because I feel regretful but honestly it just really fuels the determination to get right back to it. The day isn’t even over and I’m ready for Monday to be here so I can workout and go back to feeling good. My cravings are gone and I find myself craving the routine of exercising and feeling energized and healthy again in the week to come. So I don’t really know what to tell you - but that’s where I’m at.

In terms of results, I’m starting to notice a SLIGHT change in how my pants fit. I’m not down to a smaller size yet - they’re still snug, just not AS snug. But these are the baby steps to eventually starting to see bigger results. I’m also starting to feel like I’m gaining strength in my workouts. I can go longer during the jumping jacks (if I don’t pee myself first LOL moms am I right??) and can add a couple reps onto each set I do instead of stopping in the middle. So that feels good. I increased all of the weights I’m using by 2 lbs (I have a light set and heavier set depending on what exercise I’m doing) so I’m hoping that will help with seeing results soon. I had a minor setback this week because I pulled as stupid groin muscle - but I didn’t skip a workout and was able to modify what I needed to so that I didn’t aggravate it but also didn’t have to miss. It’s just about back to normal so hopefully this week that won’t be bothering me anymore.

Anyway- hoping for another week of being completely on track because I’m feeling more determined than ever to get back down to where I was at this time last year (and then some). Have definitely been doing a ton of research on weight loss and maintenance, because I’m kicking myself a little bit for having gained so much back over the summer. But there’s nothing I can do about that now except for work hard to get it back off and then use it as a lesson so that it doesn’t happen again. Are you guys on any sort of health journey right now? Let me know! I think what makes these updates popular is the fact that they’re relatable because so many of us are on some sort of journey. It’s the same for me - it’s nice to know you’re not alone! So let’s get some this week!