As most of you know (but just in case you didn’t), my husband and I own and operate a farm and therefore vacation really isn’t a word in our vocabulary LOL - at least, not yet! We don’t get away often and when we do, it’s normally been day trips apart from the odd weekend here and there. I mean, what can you do- it comes with the territory and we’ve both accepted that. That hasn’t taken away wanting to do fun things here and there with our kids though - so last month we went out on a whim and decided to book two nights at an indoor waterpark (I know, gaspppp - but this is a big deal for us.. baby steps ya’ll) so that we could get away and do something super fun with the kids! We kind of ended up making a pact to try and do more of this when we could because it not only makes for awesome bonding time as a family but also, it’s just so important to take a breather from it all every once in awhile. We’re very much looking forward to it, and literally JUST told the kids and we’ve been consumed with “are we going to the waterpark today???” “mom are we going to the waterslide today??” “when are we leaving????” twenty four sevs ever since. Lesson learned- next time it’ll be when we’re 10 mins away from the destination. Thanks but no thanks, toddlers.

Anyway, if you knew we were farmers you also probably follow along enough to know I’m also back on the weight loss train and have some big goals I plan to reach before (and during, and after) summer. I mean, I’m a big believer in still living a life and not having to give up everything in life that makes you happy just to lose weight. But social events (or Friday nights on the couch.. fuck, anything really LOL) can make it hard to stay on track. I want to be as mentally prepared as I can be for this weekend, since I’ll be out of routine and won’t be in my own kitchen. So I thought I would share what I’m doing to be prepared so that I can stay on track and still hit some goals without having to sacrifice the fun!

Do Your Research

If you’re going away, try and do a little research on where you’re staying and what they have in terms of food accommodations around you. You don’t have to settle for the McDonalds beside your hotel just because you don’t know what else is around (although I wouldn’t blame you cause McD’s is delish). So look into other restaurants in the area, and better yet, look up their menus online. We’re creatures of habit and normally go to the same restaurants if we know we love them, so I normally know what I’m getting before I get there. But if I’m going somewhere I haven’t been before and I’m trying to eat healthy, I always look up the menu online if it’s available and pick what I’m going to eat before I even get there. That way, once you’re there, your mind will be set on what you’re having already and you won’t have to drool on the menu as you skim past the poutine - or make a decision you’ll wish you hadn’t later.


Bring your own food. Depending on how long you’re staying, it might be worth looking into whether your rental or hotel has a kitchen/fridge. If so, bring some snacks of your own! In this case, for our two night stay, I plan to pack some easy stuff to reach for - fruit, veggies, SkinnyPop etc. That way, if I need a salty snack at night or something, I’ll have something to quickly reach for instead of the phone to call for room service.

Try to Workout Anyway

I know it’s hard when you’re not at home, and you’re not in your routine, don’t have your equipment, and are just trying to relax. But we all know what working out is going to make you feel better, especially if you’ve been feeling like you ignored steps 1 and 2 and overindulged anyway LOL. Forget about it- you’re on vacation, remember? Just do some weightless squats, or lunges down the hotel hallway. Research a video or two that you can do without any equipment before you leave so that you can quickly get it done and out of the way to enjoy the rest of the day. If you’re feeling dedicated, you’ll find a way to get it in!

If All Else Fails, Don’t Feel Guilty

Even if you do eat or drink a little too much, don’t beat yourself up. Not many of us get a chance to go away all that often. Enjoy it with your family, your friends, and enjoy it for yourself. Make good decisions when you can, and if you indulge a little, forget about it. Soon enough you’ll be home again and back in your routine, and then you can try to get right back to it. Try really hard whenever and wherever you can- and if it doesn’t work, just try really hard again when you get home. We still gotta live, and it’s not worth falling off the wagon for!

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