Hey guys, hope you’re all having a wonderful and productive Monday! I have to admit, I was digging deep to find motivation today after our amazing weekend away with the kids. Those couple days were so fun, stress-free, and went by wayyyy too fast!! So getting back to reality today was a toughy! But once you’re back in the swing of things, it does feel good to get back to routine.

Anyway, not much to report for week 7. I mentioned on Instagram this morning that I haven’t lost any weight in February. It is what it is- I’m not even going to begin to go into dissecting why that might be (hormones? building muscle? who cares). I just FINALLY took my measurements this week… should have done that at the beginning LOL but I’ve kind of been using clothes as my telltales because to me, clothes are a constant- they’re not affected by any other factors and if you keep trying on the same pair of jeans, if they’re starting to fit better, no matter what it means that you’re getting smaller. Period. Anyway, I ended up taking measurements regardless so that I could hopefully give you guys (and myself) some concrete results. This morning I put together a couple of new workouts from various online sites and Pinterest posts (stay tuned - I’m going to do a post on those this week) and I’ve added quite a few more exercises to target specific areas of the body. I’m hoping that will really help me shred some inches off.

One thing I want to specifically talk about this week is how to deal with those feelings of guilt, failure and disappointment after making dietary mistakes or phoning in a workout. I definitely did a little indulging this weekend (seriously, the breakfast buffet was nooooo joooooke I’m drooling just thinking about it) so it was really important for me to get my shit together today with a super healthy day of eating and a good, strong workout - why? Not only for the sake of staying on track towards ultimate goals, but also to put to rest any feelings of guilt I was having for those weekend indulgences.

This is something I am so guilty of. I’ve been allowing myself the opportunity to do a bit of cheating on the weekends - not a complete binge, by any means, but if we’re having friends over, for example, and I’m putting out snacks - I’ll eat well all day and get a workout in, and then enjoy myself at night over some drinks. Or if we’re having a lazy Sunday, and I’ve been craving something, I’ll treat myself to it. It works for me because I can’t feel like I’m constantly being deprived of things or I wouldn’t stick to this. However- even though I need time and opportunity to satisfy those little cravings in order to stay on track overall, I sometimes end up feeling a little bad the next day because I feel like I would have been farther along if I just hadn’t. I feel a bit guilty and the reason I want to address it is because I don’t want myself or you to make this a habit. Usually, I can overcome those little pangs of guilt by telling myself that satisfying cravings is not how I’m going to fail, but instead, how I’m going to ultimately be successful. Like I said, if I didn’t allow myself that, I think I would end up feeling a little too deprived and wouldn’t stick with it. When I diet, I might restrict a few things but I never cut anything out completely. Ever. I want to practice a sustainable way to live life afterward I’ve reached my goals as well. I still want to live. I still want to enjoy. Those reminders are usually all I need to bury those feelings.

When it becomes an issue is if dietary mistakes (I’m hesitant to even call it a mistake) or skipping workouts ends up completely derailing you. Guys- we cannot let this happen. And I say we, because I’m obviously human too and I’m susceptible to the temptation to throw in the towel as well (normal mom here, not a fitness expert). But having McDonald’s over the weekend, or having a few too many beers on a Friday night, or treating yourself to a little chocolate after dinner and regretting it later - these things cannot derail us. You can’t just say “well, I’ve ruined it now so f*** it.” You haven’t ruined anything. Sure, those indulgences might set you back a little. But being set back is a hell of a lot better than quitting altogether because you can’t sustain what you’ve started. Even if you see the scale go up and you feel a little defeated, in that moment, think of what made you start in the first place and remind yourself that no matter what, you can wake up the next day, get a workout in and eat healthy and those moments are going to be little speedbumps you hit on your way to the top. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Let it motivate you instead of throw you off your game. Move on, keep going, try again. We can do this!