Hey ya’llllll happy FRIDAY!! Sooo I FINALLY scheduled a microblading touch up.. it had been SO long overdue. I first got my brows microbladed I would say about four or five years ago, and the last time I got a touch up was when I was pretty freshly pregnant with Bree…. so over two years (which is too long!!!). So it was TIME. I was starting to have to fill them in way too much and I knew I needed to go but ya know… life. However - whenever anyone finds out my brows are microbladed I always get a ton of questions, so I thought I would just share A-Z about my experience with it! I went to Sweet As Sugar Spa, (you may recall this business from a local vendor feature I did on Madison and her beautiful business- if not, you can read it here!)

I first decided to get microblading done, as I said, about four years ago. The reason I wanted to originally get it was a combination of overplucked 90’s brows and a large scar that goes directly through my right eyebrow. There’s no hair growth where that scar is (that’s a story all on its own from my childhood, involving a certain little brother pulling a chair out from under me when I was on it standing at a counter- face, meet counter edge). I thought about it and researched it foreverrrrrrr before I actually took the plunge, because even though it’s semi-permanent, it’s still a really big change right smack on your face so if it turns out to be kinda fucked up that would suck for awhile. It seems to be offered in quite a few more places than I originally remember finding… or maybe social media is just making it way easier to find those places. The awesome part about that though is you often get a chance to scope out their work and see before and afters from previous clients. So if you’re thinking about doing it, I would start there - find a few Instagram accounts to follow to see their work (they’ll often show a lot of the actual process too so you can get an inside look at what happens!).

The most frequently asked question I get is- “was it painful?”. Here’s the thing. When I think of things that are painful, I'm comparing it to childbirth because THAT was fucking painful. So my response is no. I can’t quite explain what it feels like- it kinda feels like someone is scratching your face repeatedly? I guess that really doesn’t sound all that pleasant LOL but honestly I didn’t find my experiences to be too bad. Plus, they numb your whole brow area beforehand as well as during so you hopefully won’t feel the full extent of it. If you’re squeamish, I wouldn’t recommend watching videos before- you’ll just freak yourself out and make it seem way worse than it actually is. I found it to be a little uncomfortable, or unpleasant if anything - but it’s temporary, because after your face is all measured out to make sure they’re symmetrical, the procedure doesn’t take all that long!

I would definitely argue that the most unpleasant part of the entire ordeal is actually the healing process rather than the procedure itself. Tip: do not get this procedure done when you have a big event coming up. Like if you’re thinking to yourself, it’s Monday and I have a big wedding on Saturday I’d love to have awesome brows for it…. no. First of all, after you get it done, they’re usually REALLY bold and dark. The pigment is just super fresh but don’t worry… it WILL fade! You need at least a week, if not two weeks of healing before it starts to go a little bit back to normal. During the healing process, you can’t get them wet (baby wipes/makeup remover wipes will be your best friend). In the past, I had gone to a different tech who had me continually apply cream/vaseline to keep them moist, but this time around it was recommended to dry heal (I think this is also just up to the discretion of your tech and what they’ve seen the best results from). So there’s potential that your brows might look a little greased up. There will also a phase of peeling/flaking of the top layer (and it’s highly encouraged that you don’t pick away at it! You have to try and leave them alone as much as humanly possible). Each of these stages might only be a couple days, but it all adds up and you need to let them heal for the best possible results. If it’s your first time doing it, you’ll probably have an initial procedure done and then a touch up appointment to follow up in the coming weeks after (really just depends on where you go and what they recommend!).

Here are a couple of the stages you’ll go through (also, you’re welcome for these photos.. clearly no shame in my game anymore):

First- numbing cream! This sits on your brows for around 20-25 mins to numb it so that your initial strokes won’t be painful (I didn’t even feel the first few!). Cream is applied throughout the process to continue numbing as it wears off, and as your tech does more and more work to the same areas repeatedly you might start to feel pain or discomfort.


Next, your tech will start doing their strokes and creating the shape and look that you want. I went in with makeup on because I was trying to look human for the errands I did before this appointment, but as you can see, it basically all gets rubbed off. Once the strokes and shading are done, you can often have a chance to look and see if there are any more spots you think need to be filled or evened out. Then they apply ink (see below… yikes) and let it sit for a few more minutes! Serious Eugene Levy vibes here… beauty is pain, and it also ironically ain’t that pretty.


LOL seriously those pics thoughhhh…

Anyway, below you’ll see a before and after and see just how much it had faded from the last time I got a touch up (by the end I was filling them in quite a bit to cover unevenness, etc). The shapes also needed a little TLC again. But the after is great! Again, do not be alarmed at how dark and bold they look. This is so normal, and they WILL fade to look natural! Trust the process. It was a little difficult to get a good picture after waiting a few hours of the feather strokes, but once they are healed I’ll share the finished product again!



A few hours after

A few hours after


Overall, microblading is amazing if you want to imitate natural brow hair in areas that might be sparse or where hair doesn’t grow. It was around a two hour process in total, so not overly bad I’d say! It’s also amazing if you want to gain a really beautiful shape for your brows. I would recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it, or feels self-conscious about their brows!