Well, here we are! Three months into this new journey of mine. Twelve weeks have gone by and it has been a damn struggle I tell ya. That is - until about halfway through March. I wrote in my last update about switching up my routine and taking a different approach after really, REALLY struggling with seeing any results (literally, zero fucking results for the entire month of February lol). My brother and his girlfriend helped me figure out my new path and I have been much, much, MUCH happier. I’ve been focussing on tracking food on My Fitness Pal, meeting calorie & protein goals daily, and strength/weight training. I do cardio a little bit to warm up each day, and then maybe once a week or when I feel like it I get the ol’ heart pumping and I hate it 90% less than I did when I was doing it everyday. The truth is, I’m happier and feel badass when I weight train so that’s what I’m sticking to. I don’t want to live one single more day forcing myself to do something I hate (EVEN if it feels good afterward). Strength training has so so many benefits and I’m infinitely happier. Soooooo ya.

Anyway, let’s get to some damn results! Today was a huge day because it marked the beginning of a new month, and on the first day of each month, I like to do a weigh-in, take some progress pictures, and try on this pair of jeans that don’t fit to see if I’m any closer to getting them on. Officially, I’m down 14.1 lbs since January 7 (the .1 is v important to include LOL). Six of those were lost in January, two of them were lost end of February/first two weeks of March, and the remaining 6.1 have been only since March 11 - that was the first day of my new routine! So far, much better results post-routine shakeup. I’m not overly worried about the number on the scale (although I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t nice to see it go down???) but the biggest victory for me today was putting on this pair of size 12 jeans that I was wearing this time last year (before I gained about 40lbs back haha fun times) and DID THEM UP! In January when I started, I could get them like halfway up my thighs, in February I could just barely shimmy them up to my waist but was no where near doing them up, and today, I. did. them. up. And it wasn’t that difficult to do it either! Did a happy dance, let out a little “FUCKING RIGHTTTTTT” and geared up for a big leg day to make up for the nachos and caesars I had yesterday (no regrets).

So needless to say I’m just really happy about this progress! The past couple times I’ve gone about losing weight, once I got into a groove, I felt like it was kinda falling off - I mean, I was still always working really hard but I was being rewarded often as well. This time, I feel like I have fought tooth and nail for every single little ounce of progress. It hasn’t come easy yet but I’m just so happy and relieved to be in this new routine and having some much needed success. Today was a reminder to myself that all progress, even if it’s small, is progress. It was a reminder to keep going, even when day to day it feels like nothing is really happening, and that you can’t seem to gain momentum, and that your goal feels farther away than ever. Hard work will always pay off. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the encouraging messages, celebratory texts and just general positivity I get from all of you when I share success in this area. It’s so unbelievably appreciated! I’m gearing up to have a big month of April and I look forward to keep checking in here and hopefully sharing more victories!