Hey guys! It has been a MINUTE since I hopped on here to share but after a little hiatus (aka just consistently trying to get my shit together) I’m back and ready to share some great stuff heading into spring and summer!

So if I’m being totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of the trends in store right now. Just as a preference, my style doesn’t generally tend to draw towards floral or pastels, both of which are huge right now. I absolutely love both when I see it on other people, but personally I tend to be drawn more towards stripes, warm colours and solids (mostly black, let’s be honest here). I’ve always been more drawn toward warm colours because I have a warm skin tone so they tend to look better than cool colours like lavender or pale pinks- with the exception of taupes/nudes which I love as well. My go-to look for going out right now is distressed denim, a tank and a black moto jacket of some sort- normally leather. It’s comfy and edgy and I’m into it.

The other trend that is literally everywhere right now is another I can’t get on board with- the crop top! I was scrolling a website the other night and I kid you not, I had to scroll for SEVERAL minutes before I found a top that wasn’t a crop top (seriously for my sake can this trend please just die already). Power to all the ladies out there rocking them- you’re hot and I LOVE your confidence- but I know about five women who would feel good wearing a crop top and the rest prefer not to. I mean, someone is buying them because it’s allllll youuuuu seeeeee in stores but I personally am just not a fan. So not loving the current trends combined with not wanting to buy clothes because of the health journey I’m on is proving to be a little challenging for my spring wardrobe (although our bank account is thanking me LOL!).

I have, however, found a few really nice pieces that are carrying me through spring this year and wanted to share them with you! Lots of flowy, layering pieces that can also be worn this summer, some cute jackets and a few dresses that I just couldn’t resist!

Sleeveless Ruffle-Trim Striped Top