Something came over me at the end of August/beginning of September that made me feel like I needed to desperately get some stuff organized that had slipped away on me during our busy summer. I don’t know whether it was back to school or the anticipation of a change of season, but I went on what could only be referred to as an insane rampage, tackling all areas of my house. I think I just wanted to feel like I was on top of my shit for when Jase went to school so that it would hopefully go as smoothly as possible (haha, that’s hilarious) and I could focus on him for the first little bit.

With back to school in full swing now, one thing that I knew I wanted to take care of was how I was going to organize the kids’ school crafts, pictures, and special memories that they made and brought home. There have been a few so far through preschool etc so I had them tucked into a folder for now, but I knew that was obviously not going to be enough. I was inspired by Sarah, a friend of mine, to try something along the lines of hanging file folders- which I just so happen to have in droves thanks to farm books. I usually have some overstock -of totes, file folders, tabs, you name it- sitting around for when filing cabinets inevitably start to overflow so I dipped into that for this project, which was very easy and took all of maybe 10 minutes to do. Everything was purchased at Staples and I’ll link it all!


Essentially what I did was make up a file tote for each of my kids, and used hanging files for each grade, from daycare/preschool to grade 8, with an additional folder for their baby books, and for “special memories” for stuff that maybe they didn’t make at school. For example, we made Jase a treasure map that led him to a trampoline outside when it was his birthday, so we kept the treasure map in his memories folder to show him someday that we were fun at one point LOL. There really was no rhyme or reason to picking the totes, they’re what I use for farm books well and I like being able to see what’s in there. They also happen to be on sale for less than half off until Sept 17!

Staples Plastic File Tote, Clear, 34L


I added hanging files in each of their boxes, in different colours (just for fun) and then labelled each folder with the grade just using clear tabs. Be mindful that if you’re doing this project alone, you may not need as much as what I’m linking - for example, you may not need 50 clear tabs. I use them for other things as well but you can consider getting a smaller pack. Also with the file folders, they come 25 in a box, and I had quite a few extra leftover that I’m planning to either use for high school grades (although I think the crafts may have subsided by then lol) or just use them for books later. I used letter size folders, but you’re welcome to use legal size folders if you want- the tote box is compatible for both.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 11.22.41 AM.png

The next thing I did to personalize it a little bit more was add some info to the front of each folder with their age, their school, their teachers’ names, some of their favourite things, who their friends were - you could even leave a spot for a school picture in each grade if you wanted!


And there you have it! A super easy DIY to keep all of your kids’ most precious memories organized! I love how easy this was and how it was not overly expensive to do. I can’t wait to see what these look like in a few years when they’re filling with crafts and cards and memories; and for the days when our kids have grown and we go back through the boxes to laugh and reminisce on all of their creations!

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