Happy Tuesday guys! The summer weather is clinging to its last few days but fall is inevitably around the corner- and with it comes the year’s BEST fashion (in my opinion). Fall fashion is by far my favourite not only for cozy layers but also because this is where all of your transition pieces - the ones that can go from season to season - really shine.

Fall boots can sometimes be overwhelming to shop for because there are just so. many. options. Tall boots, ankle boots, block heels - the list goes on and on. Each year there are tons of new trends that hit stores, all different patterns and colours making their debut but if I’m being honest, I tend to stick to the classics. I’ve linked some of my favourites below, including budget friendly alternatives and a couple splurges as well.

Sorel - Ainsley Conquest Cozy Boots

These may very well be my all time new favourites! I’m obsessed with the red laces and the shearling along the top - alllll the cozy fall vibes. I like how they have kind of a modern rugged thing going on- super easy to pair with a comfy pair of jeans and some plaid.

Plaid Shirt: H&M  Tee: LuluLemon  Jeans: Banana Republic (old)

Plaid Shirt: H&M

Tee: LuluLemon

Jeans: Banana Republic (old)


UGG Bonham II Waterproof Boots

Is it possible to have a list of favourite booties without a pair of Uggs on the list? I think I lived in the classic Uggs in high school, and thankfully Ugg has continued to expand their styles but keep the coziness they’re known for as a constant in each pair. I love these chelsea-style boots because they’re great to pair with just about anything, and will keep the guess work out of picking out footwear.


Aldo - Naedia Ankle Boots

I have shown these booties over and over again (and probably will continue to every year) because these are literally on repeat in my closet year after year. These are some of my absolute favourite booties. The cognac colour is so easy to pair with so many outfits, and they can immediately upgrade any casual outfit. A classic outfit for me is these booties with a favourite pair of denim, cuffed at the ankles, with a striped top and maybe a moto or camo jacket overtop.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.44.55 PM.png

Call It Spring Larra Ankle Boots

These booties are super similar to the Naedia booties above, but a more budget friendly version of them. Aldo’s version run at around $130, and these Larra booties from Call It Spring ring in right around the $80 mark (and on sale for $20 off right now!).


Target Collie Open Toe Laser Cut Heeled Booties

The perfect transitional pair of booties, at an even better price! These zip-up booties with the open toe are the perfect pair of booties to dress up or down, and take you from summer right into fall. I love the neutral taupe that these come in, making them easy to wear with just about anything.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 10.02.09 AM.png

Sorel - Joan of Arctic Wedge II Boots

A classic pair of Sorels that are the definition of versatility. These can take you from fall to winter, casual to dressy- and on top of it all, they’re so friggen comfortable! If you’re travelling somewhere cooler they can carry you through lots of walking while still looking awesome, or just keep you comfortable while you’re doing groceries! The treads on the bottom are what Sorel is notorious for, making boots like these the ultimate combination of fashion & function.

Shirt: H&M  Vest & Jeans: Banana Republic (both old)  Boot Socks: Ugg  Scarf: ??? (also old!)

Shirt: H&M

Vest & Jeans: Banana Republic (both old)

Boot Socks: Ugg

Scarf: ??? (also old!)


Aldo - Kaicien Ice Ankle Boots

If you look at just about any shoe store right now, you’ll find animal print GALORE. It’s everywhere. Some of the patterns can get a little crazy- literally like wearing the wild on your feet LOL but these ankle booties from Aldo are a more muted version of this super-trend. Pair with a pair of jeans and a moto jacket and you’re ready to hit the town!

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 9.57.08 AM.png

Sam Edelman Winona Booties

Not wearing white after Labour Day has become a thing of the past! Enter: the Winona booties. Much like animal print as mentioned above, snakeskin is also suuuper popular right now. I have to admit that I’m not personally a fan of snakeskin, so for someone like me, I’d really have to ease my way into this trend. I feel like these Sam Edelmans are an awesome place to start, as they’re a snakeskin exterior but in a monotone neutral. Plus I love how even though they’re snakeskin, they have a sort of Western vibe mixed in- and I love me a good Western bootie!


Blundstone Original Boots

Blundstones have turned into a cult favourite purely for their absolute comfort. I can go everywhere in these, and my feet stay dry and comfortable. The downside? They come with a hefty price tag. Worth the investment if you ask me, because they are definitely built to last.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 10.08.16 AM.png

Call It Spring Vegan Boots

A more budget friendly version of the chelsea style boot, much like the Blundstones, but at a super reasonable price. Blundstones generally run at over $200 CAD, while these from Call It Spring run at around $80. Be mindful that the quality may not carry these through as many seasons, but they’re definitely a super cute and budget friendly alternative!


Marc Fisher Ltd Izzie Genuine Shearling Lace-Up Boots

These are a DEFINITE splurge. Marc Fisher Ltd absolutely nailed the apres-ski vibe with these suuuuuper cute shearling lace-ups. The quality is amazing and the tread on the bottom makes these as practical as they are beautiful.